Testimonials //

“I felt heard and understood.”

Allison's warm and caring nature makes it so easy to talk to her about my eating habits and insecurities. Her knowledge and advice has truly helped me gain a better understanding of what I need to do on a daily basis to live a healthier and happier lifestyle in a realistic manner. Within the first hour of talking to Allison, I felt heard and understood. She set forth achievable goals that I felt excited to work towards. I highly recommend Allison without hesitation! 

— R.E.

“I felt more in power of my diet."

When I learned that I had celiac disease, I decided to meet with Allison to learn all about the new world of gluten-free. Allison did a fantastic job at instructing me on what kinds of foods I could eat and even led me on a walk through Whole Foods, pointing out which foods were safe and which to avoid. Afterwards not only did I feel more in power of my diet but I was eating healthier than ever! I would recommend Allison to anyone who is new to or needs help with their dietary problems. 

— L.W.

“Allison helped me to shift my focus from a negative attitude towards food to a healthy, mindful way of thinking about what I put into my body."



“A more positive relationship with food.”

I wasn't over weight, but I definitely wasn't taking care of my body, physically or emotionally. I was super stressed and I'd use food to take my mind off of my problems. I was finding comfort in food rather than finding a real solution. Allison helped me to find a more positive relationship with food, and we figured out alternative ways to deal with my stress when I wanted to reach for a candy bar, instead. 

— L.M.

"I've never been happier"

Allison helped me overcome many emotional and disordered eating patterns during my sophomore year of college, and learn what health really is about. I'm now in my senior year of college, and have found my happy, healthy place. I've lost 25 pounds and eat carbs and dessert every day and Allison helped me set my life back on the right path. She was one of the driving forces in a complete change in my life. As soon as my sophomore year ended, I went into the summer applying everything she taught me, and my life was completely transformed for the better. I've never been happier.
— J.D.