I welcome you to join me at the following workshops and retreats! Please reach out with any questions, or for additional information. 


Mindful Eating and Yoga Workshop (Preview of Retreat)

Join Lil Omm founder, Pleasance Silicki and Registered Dietitian, Allison Tepper in their Mindful Yoga and Mindful Eating workshop on Sunday, November 19th from 2:30 pm -4:30 pm. This will be a preview of what you can expect at our Mindful Eating and Yoga Retreat in January (see below.) Take time out of your day to relax, unwind, and learn how to incorporate self care into your daily routine through the techniques discussed in this workshop and that we will experience together.

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Mindful Eating and Yoga Retreat

Join Lil Omm founder, Pleasance Silicki and Allison Tepper Nutrition Consulting for our Mindful Yoga and Mindful Eating Retreat. This retreat will be an overnight stay in the beautiful area of Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia from January 21st to the 22nd 2018. 


Mindful Eating to Enhance Your Yoga Practice at Pure Prana Yoga Studio

Join me for a workshop on mindful and intuitive eating, learning how to incorporate it into the holiday season and how it can energize your yoga practice. Mindful eating entails listening to your body and focusing on foods and portions that provide you with energy to get through the day and that make you feel good. Remove any thoughts about dieting or cutting out food groups, and instead learn how to incorporate all foods and appreciate your body’s signals and individual needs. // Saturday, November 18th at 2:30pm at Pure Prana in Alexandria, VA